Understanding the Relevance of Blogs; Blogging and Bloggers In Present Time

Understanding the Relevance of Blogs; Blogging and Bloggers In Present Time.

In modern times, blogs and blogging play a significant role in creating a platform for writers to express themselves through well-articulated articles.

Gone are the days when we write with pens and scrolls with the hope of passing information to an empty library. With the invention of computers and the World Wide Web, writers and article enthusiasts now communicate through the use of the internet via blogs and mega sites.

Let’s pause…

Before we go further, I will like to highlight a few terms you will come across in this article. The term blogging may not be new, yet it is paramount to explain it to a layman’s understanding. Also for the purpose of clarity and proper assimilation, I will be explaining other key terms such as “Relevance” and “21st Century”.

As bloggers/writers, we try to use very simple and clear English for proper comprehension.  

After explaining all these terms, I will try to integrate them in such a way that the headline of the discussion becomes crystal clear and understood.

Don’t worry, I assure you of a very good and interesting ride…


According to Wikipedia, a blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”). The posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

Let me elaborate…

A blog is a website that has a layout like a diary where the administrator(s) or owner(s) writes different things for people to log on and find their interest to read. The difference between a blog and a dairy is that a blog makes use of the internet and computer, while the dairy makes use of a pen and paper, so while you type and post on the blog, you write with a pen on your dairy.

A blog can consist of Information, News, Entertainment, discussion, jokes, music, videos, forums etc.

According to the oxford dictionary, a blog is a website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may comment on posts. Most blogs are written in a slightly informal tone (personal journals, news, businesses, etc.) Entries typically appear in reverse chronological order.

A blog allows you to share your thoughts with the world, by a way of writing and expressing yourself. The main aim of blogging is to have people express themselves, pass information, discuss and interact, then make a profit from it by way of monetizing through affiliate marketing programs.

Yes! I said profit; you can make good money from blogging. This I will talk about in a subsequent post, but for the purpose of this article, I will maintain my writing based on the topic.

A Brief Origin of Blogs and Blogging

According to Wikipedia, the term “weblog” was coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997. The short form, “blog,” was coined by Peter Merholz, who jokingly broke the word weblog into the phrase we blog in the sidebar of his blog Peterme.com in April or May 1999.

Now, what is blogging?

Blogging is the act of writing/uploading content to a blog. Contents may include videos, music, pictures, etc just like I mention before.

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is that person or group of people who own(s) a blog. That is to say, it is the person or people who are the admin(s) or owner(s) of a blog.

Now the term blogging is a verse topic that cuts across all angles and sections. This article is meant to show the relevance of the subject matter.

When I say relevance, what are we referring to?
According to Wikipedia, relevance is the quality or state of being closely connected or appropriate.
Don’t get confused; let’s see what Oxford Dictionary says….

“noun (uncountable)The property or state of being relevant or pertinent.” (Oxford Dictionary)

Alright, let me put it clear to your understanding, relevance in this context means importance. So we may as well say, “The Importance of Blogs Blogging and bloggers in the 21st Century.” I’m sure this makes the headline more understandable.

Let’s move on…

What is the 21st Century?

According to Wikipedia, the 21st century is the current century of the Anno Domini era or Common Era, in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. It began on January 1, 2001, and will end on December 31, 2100. It is the first century of the 3rd millennium.

Great, unfortunately, we don’t have a dictionary meaning for the 21st Century, but with a close look at the explanation from Wikipedia, we could denote that currently, we are in the 21st Century which started on January 1st, 2001, and will end on December 31, 2100. We still have a long way to go in this Century, isn’t it?

Let’s head back to our discussion…

Now that the three terms have been explained, can we further rephrase the headline of this article to be “The Importance of Blogs and Blogging in Present Time?” I think this is clearer.

Let’s move on….

There are millions of blogs across the globe, according to mediakix.com (http://mediakix.com/2017/09/how-many-blogs-are-there-in-the-world/) There are more than 440 million Blogs in the world.

Wow! What a great number. That’s like a fraction of the world’s population of people living on earth which is put at 7.5 billion.

With much anticipation, the number of blogs will increase to 700 million in a few years from now. Based on the above, the relevance of blogs and blogging cannot be over-emphasized.

People now rely on blogs for news and to stay informed. This is gradually bringing to extinction print media such as newspapers and magazines.

Almost all print media and news agencies have their own online platforms (blogs and social media).

Blogs also serve as a means of livelihood to so many writers/bloggers around the world through affiliate marketing programs and direct publications.

Affiliate marketing programs like AdSense which is powered by Google enable bloggers to earn real money by displaying ads on their blog/site.

I will talk more about HOW TO EARN MONEY FROM BLOGGING in my next post.

Also, I will show you how you can make money writing articles for mega websites.

Most importantly, blogging presents a platform to express in words and arts your inner thoughts to an audience of like minds.

When I was young i always dream of having my own blog, where I can write and express myself in different ways.

All thanks to God, dreams do come true, I own and co-found a couple of blogs that are doing good.

Blogging is free and very easy to set up, I will also write on STEP TO STEP PROCESS OF SETTING UP YOUR FIRST BLOG in my further post. So be on the lookout!

After all, is said, I’m sure you have learned a few things about blogs, blogging, and bloggers.

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