DHDC Executive Director – Deborah Iberi Ikeh and Husband Bags African Goodwill Ambassador Awards

DHDC Executive Director – Deborah Iberi Ikeh and Husband Bags African Goodwill Ambassador Awards
Deborah Iberi Ikeh

DHDC Executive Director – Deborah Iberi Ikeh and Husband Bags African Goodwill Ambassador Awards.

The 10th edition of the African Goodwill Ambassadors Awards had new sets of awardees and Deborah Iberi Ikeh and her husband Dr. Timothy Ikeh were among those decorated as “Champions of Good Cause” in Africa.

Mrs Deborah is a seasoned public health advocate with many years of experience in high-level health policy advocacy and partnership development; who has dedicated her career to humanitarian service and the fight towards eliminating all forms of barriers that impede universal health coverage and equitable access to quality health care globally. She also serves as the Executive Director at Debriche Health Development Center (DHDC); an NGO that is deeply involved in changing poor health narratives across all primary health care areas and has distinguished itself in the fight against Tuberculosis (TB) in Nigeria in support of the efforts of the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Program of the Federal Ministry of Health through series of awareness campaigns and programs.

DHDC has over the years organized youth empowerment schemes, and health sensitization programs, and of recent through the support of Stop TB Partnership Challenge Facility for Civil Society R10, piloted the “One Impact Nigeria application ”.

DHDC Executive Director – Deborah Iberi Ikeh and Husband Bags African Goodwill Ambassador Awards

The intervention was brought into the country in a quest to reduce barriers relating to the availability, accessibility, and quality of TB services in Nigeria, especially stigma and discrimination. The pilot of the Oneimpact Nigeria digital solution is in partnership with Dure Technologies and TB People Nigeria. The Oneimpact is currently serving as a platform for the exchange of information from the grassroots between TB programs, TB-affected communities, and legal service providers for accountability and actions to improve the TB response. It is also supporting people affected by TB with the opportunity to know their rights and demand for them, communicate and connect with other people affected by TB to promote treatment adherence, report barriers and challenges they face especially relating to stigma and discrimination, ability to locate health facility offering TB services in Lagos, and basic information and updates about Tuberculosis for the general public. This response has also created job opportunities for TB survivors who now serve as community support focal points at the grassroots level.

Africa Humanitarian Actions Conference which was a prelude to the African Goodwill Ambassadors Awards had in attendance NGOs, policy-makers, stakeholders, and government representatives from all over Africa. They discussed extensively on key prospects and strategies that aim to influence the growth and development of the continent.

The event was held at Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre, Abuja Nigeria on Saturday, 12th November 2022.

While sharing the news on her Instagram page, Mrs Deborah dedicated the award to the families of those who died from Tuberculosis and individuals who are currently on TB treatment.

Yet another feather was added to my hat yesterday as myself and my darling husband were decorated as Africa Goodwill Ambassadors and Champions of Good Cause in recognition of our humanitarian and selfless service to humanity during the Africa Humanitarian Actions Conference 2022.

I thank God almighty who has given us the passion, drive, strength, and platform to do all we do for humanity through our various professional capacities. Over the years, we have dedicated our lives and careers to humanitarian service and the merciful God has supported us in our early mornings, late nights, long flights, overnight stressful trips, sometimes long-distance relationship etc to deliver to the needs of those who need them the most.

We appreciate our family, friends, colleagues, networks and every single person who continue to support our efforts towards improving the lives of vulnerable populations and underserved communities. This recognition will serve as an inspiration to do more.

We dedicate this recognition to God almighty and the families of those who died from Tuberculosis and every single person who is currently on TB treatment. We would also like to use this opportunity to ask all well meaning Nigerians, Africans and Global citizens who are not yet involved in the fight against this deadly disease to join us.



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